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Interchangeable Breadboard with Interchangeable Insert.

Interchangeable Breadboard with Interchangeable Insert.

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This kit is perfect for the creative DIYer looking to add some life to their home. With its interchangeable accessories (sold separately), you can easily switch up the look of your home decor whenever you'd like. Let yourself dive into the world of creativity with this one-of-a-kind breadboard!

Product includes breadboard and one interchangeable insert of your choice. Product includes the door hanger and an interchangeable insert of your choice. Additional seasonal add-ons (sold separately) make this interchangeable the perfect decoration year round.

Hand painted by you, our kits come with all the pieces you need. Make a statement with these DIY kits. Our kits come unfinished so you can paint them in colors you like to create consistent decor throughout your home. This kit works as either a shelf sitter or a door/wall hanger and is 13-1/2" tall and 8-3/4"" wide. Our interchangeable inserts (sold separately) fit this interchangeable to make it the perfect decoration year round.

We recommend FolkArt Multi-Surface, Delta Ceramcoat and DecoArt Americana paints for our craft kits. Once painted they are easily assembled. We use Art Institute Precision Craft Glue or Gorilla Super Glue Gel for assembly. We recommend finishing your craft by spraying with Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Spray, Clear Satin. This can be done on all crafts to create a finished look but is absolutely necessary for any craft that will be exposed to the elements (even under a porch). For crafts that will be exposed to the elements, the back should also be sprayed.

Each one of our kits have been expertly crafted. In our shop we cut and package each kit by hand for lasting enjoyment. 

We try to use pictures that are a true representation of the item we are offering. But each piece of wood will have its own natural characteristics such as knots. We plan all of our kits to be rustic and as such the wood may contain knots, wood grain, cracks etc. We feel that this is what helps make each product a one of a kind piece. Please also note that all wood will take stain/paint differently therefore the end results may vary slightly.

This is a DIY kit. Unless otherwise specified, all items are sold unpainted and unassembled! Decor in photos is not included.

Painted versions (when available) will be done exactly like the sample photo. We do not offer special color customizations.

Ribbons and other embellishments are not included in either the DIY Kit or Painted versions.

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