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Flower Market Mini Shelf Sitters

Flower Market Mini Shelf Sitters

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Craft the perfect spring tiered tray with our Flower Market Tiered Tray Kit! Featuring individually-crafted pieces to make your tray look extra fanciful, this kit is the bee's knees for anyone wanting to bring a touch of nature indoors. With a cute springtime twist, you'll have friends and family buzzing about your latest DIY success!

Hand painted by you, this Tiered Tray kit come with four pieces when finished, plus a banner to give you all you need to decorate the various levels of your tiered tray. 

We recommend Delta Ceramcoat and FolkArt Multi-Surface  paints for our craft kits. Once painted they are easily assembled. We use Gorilla Super Glue Gel for assembly.

Each one of our kits have been expertly crafted. In our shop we cut and package each kit by hand for lasting enjoyment. 

We try to use pictures that are a true representation of the item we are offering. But each piece of wood will have its own natural characteristics such as knots. We plan all of our kits to be rustic and as such the wood may contain knots, wood grain, cracks etc. We feel that this is what helps make each product a one of a kind piece. Please also note that all wood will take stain/paint differently therefore the end results may vary slightly.

This is a DIY kit. Unless otherwise specified, all items are sold unpainted and unassembled! 

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